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You feel like you have exhausted all ideas to gain more exposure and awareness for your church. It is demotivating to see organic reach plummet on social media. You’re frustrated because advertising is expensive to run all the time. But what if there was a strategy for getting others to talk about you that was different and effective? In this workshop, you’ll learn that T.E.D. is your friend for PR for your church. We will cover the same framework for how to frame stories that actually get picked-up by media outlets that Kenny Jahng has used to gain coverage by ABC, CNN, Fox, as well as state, regional and local news outlets.

1. Gain a basic overview of the T.E.D. Is Your Friend in PR framework for writing press releases.
2. Idenfity how to build an online press room that journalists thank you for.
3. Learn the 3 elements you must supply media contacts with to increase your story’s value.
4. Explore a micro-local news strategy that can get your church published in the news within the next 30 days.

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