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Want your church to have an influence on social media? The problem often lies in lack of resources, volunteers or equipment to pull off high-quality content you would be proud of every week. So, let’s fix that. Join Clark as he walks through his 5 practical steps to improve your Sunday morning social media with his process that he’s used with Saddleback Church, North Point Ministries, Catalyst Conference, Global Leadership Network and more. Quit spinning your wheels on Sunday and start being proud of your social media!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain 5 practical tips to improve your Sunday morning social media content.
  2. Develop a new strategy for organizing volunteers for social media.
  3. Learn an effective way to recruit and mange your Sunday social media team.
  4. Identify the best next steps to increase quality of your social content and become proud with the result.


Workshop Segments

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