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Have you ever wondered if having a choir is a thing of the past? We all have thoughts when we hear that word, and as worship experiences have changed over the years, it has sometimes been difficult to incorporate choirs in meaningful and relevant ways.

Here’s the good news: choirs are not only alive, but they can breathe new life into your worship experiences. They can increase engagement, excitement, and representation on your platform without making you sound dated or adding large amounts of complexity. Together, we’ll explore how to make a modern choir a dynamic part of your Sunday mornings.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Unlock the secrets of how and why choirs work in a modern worship setting.
  • Discover the art of attracting the right people to build with, all while keeping things simple.
  • Dive into best practices for cultivating a choir of worship leaders, not just good vocalists.

Workshop Segments:

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