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Mixing in immersive audio will provide a deeper understanding of the how and why of mixing in immersive audio. Participants will have a chance to experience real time examples of immersive mixing techniques. They will leave with a deeper understanding of the preparation and thought processes needed to execute a proper immersive mix.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain a general introduction and experience of immersive mixing
  • Learn the difference between Binural and Stereo audio and how we perceive/translate each to reality
  • Identify practical ways to prepare content for immersive mixing, use cases for mixing outside of a live environment, and the various ways to place inputs and sources in immersive mixing

*Participants should provide their own mobile device capable of downloading an app from either Google Play store or Apple App store. Participants should also provide headphones capable of connecting to this device either wired or wireless.

with Josh Maichele & James Rudder, L-Acoustics

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