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Finding the perfect mix is something every front of house engineer strives for when they step behind the console. In pursuing this “perfection,” there are many resources at the engineers’ fingertips, from onboard to external tools. The fundamentals are often forgotten, hoping that tricks and shortcut tools will create a better sound. In this class, you will have a chance to learn from some of the industry’s best engineers on how they keep their mix dynamic and straightforward. The panel will talk about challenges and solutions available regardless of technology level. Q&A will open up at the end of the class, where attendees can direct their questions to the panel of experts.

Learning Objectives

1. Understanding the deeper level of the “fundamentals” needed when stepping behind the console.

2. Identify common mistakes made while chasing the “perfect sound.”

3. Creating a plan for where to start when mixing on any console.

4. Learn how the pros use external tools to enhance their mix.


Samantha Potter – ProSound Web, Church Sound, Allen & Heath | James Rudder – Hillsong United | Jim Yakabuski – Gwen Stefani, Newspring Church, The MIX Institute

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