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Description: Great teams don’t just happen; they’re built and led in ways that fire up the participants and unleash their potential. In this practical workshop Dr. J prepares you to assess your team’s “flammability” and to provide the Oxygen, Fuel, or Heat your people need to burn brightly without burning up or burning out. If you’re a leader or simply want to bring out the best in others, this experience will encourage you and equip you to fire them up today!

Based on Dr. J’s book Fired Up! Kindling and Keeping the Spark in Creative Teams (SALT Conferences, Orange Thread Media)

Learning Objectives:

  • Consider/Assess team health and effectiveness using the model of the Fire Triangle (Oxygen, Fuel, Heat)
  • Explore strategies to free team members from the things that hold them back and hem them in. (Oxygen)
  • Explore strategies to keep people burning brightly without burning up or burning out. (Fuel)
  • Explore strategies to raise the bar and turn up the heat without leaving people feeling burned. (Heat)
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