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Module 9 – Giving Your Team Feedback

Give your leadership skills a boost with this highly focused leadership workshop specifically designed to help you learn how to lead creative teams better. No matter where you are as a leader, leading a full time creative team, or want to increase your leadership capacity, this will be an incredible opportunity for you. Join leadership expert Dr. Andrew Johnston as he unpacks leading creative teams with practical, insightful and inspirational content that will compliment his recently releasedFired Up: Kindling and Keeping the Spark in Creative Teams.

  • Module 1– “Fired Up”: Helping Free Your Team Up to Create
  • Module 2-3 Questions to Consider When Presenting Things to Creatives
  • Module 3-How to Separate the Dreaming from The Doing
  • Module 4-Helping Your Team Overcome Fear
  • Module 5– Helping Your Team use their Talents
  • Module 6-Preventing Burnout in your Creative Teams
  • Module 7-Building Buy In with your Creative Teams
  • Module 8-Team Failure and Success
  • Module 9(Current Video)
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