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People are our most expensive and valuable resource. Are you wondering if you are utilizing those on your team in the right way? Have you realized the cost of having the right team members in the wrong seat within your organization? Often we hire great people and then find ourselves frustrated that they are not performing to the level of expectation we had for them. The “Leading high-performance teams” session delivers information about how each Enneagram personality works best. It highlights what each type pays attention to, their core characteristics in the workplace; each Enneagram types superpowers, pet peeves, behaviors in the workplace, and so much more. 

We all want to lead well. Understanding those you lead and putting teammates in the right place within your organization will allow you to have a team that delivers high-performance results. Using the Enneagram to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the nine personality types will enable your team to be it’s most productive ever. The “Leading high-performance teams” session is perfect for those that want to lead at a level that allows their team to run at a pace that surpasses the competition.

How to Lead Enneagram Modules:

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