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With recent developments in augmented reality and virtual reality, we as the local church, can create some powerfully engaging virtual environments. In this class we’ll open the door and invite you into the world of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). We will take a look at the Unreal Engine, go inside the technical and creative opportunities within that, and help you get a sense of how to use this technology for a few creative applications for your local church! Don’t worry, this will be a fun and easy-to-learn topic with Brad Sitton as your guide!

Learning Objectives:
1. We will cover a basic understanding of the Unreal Engine.
2. From iPhones to AR/VR, you’ll have practical insights to how to implement virtual reality in a variety of manners.
3. Learn basic, medium and advanced applications of the Unreal Engine to see practical examples and real applications.
4. Have fun learning new technology!

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