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Being able to mix various video elements together, while seamlessly pixel mapping your output to a custom screen size, unique LED formation or a projection mapped output, sets the stage for a software like Resolume Arena 6. In this class, you’ll gain first-hand insights, practical tips and step-by-step instruction on how to get started in laying the technical foundation for powerful worship environments with Resolume Arena 6. Come see this software in action and examples of real-world use so you can improve the look and feel of your visual worship environments in sync with your worship team and their timecode.

1. Learn a basic overview of Resolume Arena 6 and its interface.
2. Learn the basics of screen mapping leveraging Screens & Slices features.
3. Learn how and why to connect a MIDI controller for live mixing of visuals.
4. Learn how to use SMTPE timecode (from Ableton or other audio VST) to automate video playback to worship tracks.
5. Learn how to add a camera input for even more flexibility in visual options.
6. Explore the built in effects and features to create stunning environments. Experience real-world in use applications of the software from a first-hand user.

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