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Making time to create and echo the heart of your house through the songs you write for your people to sing. In this class, you will learn some key tools for writing songs that prophecy into the further of your home, reflect the message your house carries and all the ways you can collaborate in and outside of your house to cultivate the songs you want your people to sing over themselves. I will take you through the structures of writing within your church, from worship team all the way to bringing outside writers in to help strengthen your art. As well as how to write from the heart of your house and not just for hype.

Learning Objectives:

  • Daily tools to help you stay inspired to write from the moments inside your house
  • Tips for productive writing / collaborative writing
  • Tips on growing your team in writing through basic acts of creativity and worship (retreats, workshops, tram writing nights, etc.)
  • How to connect with outside writers to come in and teach and equip beginners on writing
  • How to write prophetically over your house

This class is also available in shorter segments for ease of use. Click the links below to view each segment:

Workshop Segments

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