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Perhaps one of the most visible ways the Christian Church has responded to the global Covid-19 pandemic is by using technology in a way that allows us to continue to sing together worshipfully. Even though we have been unable to gather in the same room with one another, we have formed “virtual choirs” and released our song videos to the world online. In particular, the Elevation Worship song “The Blessing” has received this treatment through more than 50 different “virtual choir” videos from all around the world and gathering millions of views. The producer of New Zealand’s contribution to this “global choir” – Grant Norsworthy – will share from his experiences of making one of the more popular examples.

1. You will learn WHY a virtual choir video is so important and effective – including what factors motivated the making of a “virtual choir” song video.
2. We will explore the HOW of a virtual choir video.
3. Gain insights on the practical and technical steps behind virtual choir production.
4. Learn what outcomes and benefits we might see from virtual choir production.

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