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If you’ve been involved in leading worship in church, you’ve heard of Ableton Live. You may have even used it before on stage for multitracks. In this workshop, we’re going to discuss how to use Ableton Live as a tool for leading worship. Beyond just running tracks, you’ll see how it can help you plan, prepare, and lead worship well. By the end of this workshop you’ll see why Ableton Live is an invaluable tool to you as a Worship Leader and how you can use it each week to quickly prepare and have the confidence to step on stage and lead worship well.

Learning Objectives:
1. Gain a basic overview of Ableton Live’s software interface.
2. Understand how to use Ableton Live to plan and prepare for weekly worship services.
3. Learn how to quickly build and prepare your set in Ableton Live each week.
4. Explore how to have freedom and flexibility when using multitracks on stage.
5. Understand how to use Ableton Live to automate your production elements each week.

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