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Join us to unlock the potential of Generative AI (that’s Artificial Intelligence) for your ministry. Navigate this transformative technology and maximize its impact on your mission by creating shortcuts that make your job easier and faster.

In this session, we’ll experiment with a curated list of AI tools that empower you to develop actual practical engaging content, help with strategic analysis, and even clone your voice to produce audio without you ever touching a mic. Worried this might take over your job? We’ll touch on that too and look at how this impacts your role in ministry.


– Understand the fundamental concepts and capabilities of Generative AI and its practical applications within the church context.

– Explore real-world use cases of Generative AI in ministries.

– Familiarize yourself with a curated list of AI tools that can be experimented with, allowing you to generate content and engage with your congregation in unique and meaningful ways.

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