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When a church’s video team is tasked with the creation of a video, it’s never an easy process. Leaders want something they can’t put words to until they see it, and artists want something they think is in line with the leadership’s vision, but isn’t. This can lead to ongoing conflict between the leaders and the artists. And on top of everything, there’s never enough time. Ready for a new and fresh perspective on how to resolve this tension?

Gary has functioned as a Creative Arts Pastor in the local church for 17 years, and has built his own video agency over the past 15 years. Drawing from the best of both creative cultures, participants will learn how to think differently about the process of filmmaking – from concept to execution, and everything in between.

Learning Objectives:
1. Learn how to become the prime initiator in the creative process, and discover why it’s critical for you to do so.
2. Avoid wasted time and effort with a series of interview questions to ask your senior leaders before you ever press record.
3. Learn the importance of proofing cycles, and how best to invite your leaders into them.
4. Discover the best practices that agencies employ with businesses – practices that keep the sleepless nights and confusion away, and allow creators the freedom and direction they need to create amazing video.

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