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The church gets to tell powerful stories every single week. Furthermore, as creatives we harness a craft that can cut through the noise of culture and invite people into God’s greater story in incredible ways. In this pre-conference workshop, you’ll study the arc of story, the filmmaking process from storyboarding to final export, and the various techniques that go into phenomenal storytelling. This class will cover narrative-based story and will also include practical ways to use conflict and resolve in testimonial videos and highlights to better engage your community.

  • Module 1– Introduction and Define Learning Objectives
  • Module 2– What is a Storyteller?
  • Module 3– Developing a Storyteller’s Point of View
  • Module 4– “The Light of Failure” [Case Study]
  • Module 5– Thought Process Over Production Process
  • Module 6– “Brent and Elizabeth’s Story” [Case Study]
  • Module 7– Developing a Story
  • Module 8– 3 Essential Elements of the Story
  • Module 9– Assess the Story
  • Module 10– Framing up a Story
  • Module 11– The Interview
  • Module 12– “Krista’s Story” [Case Study]
  • Module 13– Storytelling Resources and Downloads
  • Module 14– Filmmaking Overview
  • Module 15– Production in Filmmaking
  • Module 16– Dialing In and Matching Cameras
  • Module 17 (Current Video)
  • Module 18– Useful Apps for Filmmakers
  • Module 19– Post-Production
  • Module 20– Final Observation on Storytelling
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