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Come see a live demonstration on how a song can be improved in a single coaching. Learn about the best practices when talking to the singers on your team, tips you can give them to achieve the best quality sound possible, and warmups that can help get everyone’s voices resonate and flexible. Leave with a greater understanding of how to take the quality of the vocals in your worship service to the next level.

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess singers voice types and learn how to use them most effectively
  • Find ways to simultaneously encourage and challenge your singers without making them self conscious
  • Learn how different exercises change your voice, immediately and over time, and how you can implement these into your rehearsals
  • Explore how to empower your team to find their own unique voice, and how to authentically connect to it in performance

This class is also available in shorter segments for ease of use. Click the links below to view each segment:

Workshop Segments

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