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Description: Video and lighting elements in worship go hand in hand. Come and hear from Ethan Martin, Lighting Director of Celebration Church Jacksonville and Alan Lockwood, Production Director of Woodside Bible Church as they discuss the key elements that should be considered in every Lighting and Video system design.

Ethan and Alan will give us a look into the video and lighting production elements required to support a worship service for both Live and Broadcast. They’ll share how a video and lighting system work hand in hand to support each other and even how LED video walls can play an integral part in creating an engaging worship experience through the lens of the camera.

Attendees will get hands on time with gear, including a variety of camera and lens setups, lighting fixtures and other practical resources to use for improving an existing lighting and video system or will gain knowledge in how to properly plan for the next one.

Learning Objectives:

  • Why proper lighting is critical to any video system
  • How to effectively balance lighting to work with your cameras
  • What are the fundamentals of a good lighting system for live that makes video pop
  • What I should be looking for in a camera and lens setup
  • How to properly decide which lighting and video gear is right for me
  • How to balance an LED video wall to play nice with my lighting and video setup
  • Why color temp is critical
  • And SO much more…!
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