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Some say it’s the lens, some say it’s the chip, but most will agree that it’s the right lighting that makes video look so good! In this class, we’ll learn from touring expert and lighting designer for The Belonging Co on what it takes to get a great image on camera with lighting. From basic principles to in-depth techniques, everyone will learn something about exceptional lighting environments.

Learning Objectives:
1. What does light intensity mean when looking through a lens, and how does haze change the way a camera sees things.
2. Understand white balance and how to deal with different colors on camera.
3. Identify key camera placement and controlling negative space well. You’ll identify tips on how to make any venue look perfect through any camera.
4. Learn how to be intentional with any sized budget by learning how fixture type and fixture purpose are more important than name brand products.

This class is also available in shorter segments for ease of use. Click the links below to view each segment:

Workshop Segments

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