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Our goals are all similar when it comes to mixing for a live stream. Whether someone is watching church on a phone, tablet, tv app, or even during a workout, we want it to sound the best it can! But how do we do that? In this workshop we’ll discuss several techniques and processes you can implement to improve your mix regardless your setup. This will include fundamental audio basics, different setups for mixing broadcast, and strengths and weakness of each setup. As well, we will talk through some specific practices that are important to help your mix translate the best it can everywhere it’s heard.

Learning Objectives:
1. Identify fundamental audio basics that are important to implement before you start working on a mix.
2. Learn ways to improve your mix with the gear you have while gaining insights into specific gear that can take your mix to the next level.
3. Explore what loudness is, how it’s measured and why it’s important.
4. Gain experience through personal applications in an actual church environment.

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