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Having worked with Orange on such projects as “The SO & SO Show”, FX (Family Experience), M.C. Haggis, and materials for Orange Conference’s main stage events the past 15 years, Jon Williams is no stranger to the “HOW” and “WHY’ behind Orange. His ACTUAL job title at Orange is “Writer and Chief Innovative Officer of Strategic Fun”. Having been an actor all his life, Jon uses the skills he has learned through his years on stage and in film production to help reach the next generation. He is a HUGE advocate for humor in the church and the importance it plays in leveling the playing field when it comes to learning and growing together as a community, and is DEEPLY passionate about helping shape the church’s response to/involvement with those who are dealing with mental health issues. Jon currently lives just outside of Atlanta, GA with his wife Sunny (who you may recognize from WONDER training videos) and his two children, Dora and Bobby.

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