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A pastoral + practical approach to leading your teams, staff + volunteers, to exercise their creativity. There is an ongoing tension in the church, now more than ever, between leadership wanting more creative ideas, more creative execution and more of everything from the creative team, but not carving out opportunities to actually foster and encourage that creative muscle.
Join us for an immersive and interactive curiosity curating session. We will play and explore using all the tools our 5-year-old inner kid carried around in order to bring the imaginary to life. Why? It’s time to make work play and make things instead of scouring the internet for “amazing” ideas because we can’t be creative unless we actually create.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify our creative walls and roadblocks
  • Curate a communal list of inspiration for creating
  • Discover, explore, and share ideas for media artworks through a variety of methods including, but not limited to, play and experimentation
  • Understand and apply the power of ideation
  • Learn, plan and practice developing an immersive ideation session for series development (a-z) and environmental design

This class is also available in shorter segments for ease of use. Click the links below to view each segment:

Workshop Segments

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