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Is your website a marketing tool designed to reach new people, or is it a ministry tool that serves your congregation? Can your site be all things to all people — and should it? We’ll unpack how you can utilize your website to attract visitors without alienating your regular attenders and members. Plus, we’ll look at how different website pages fit into your overall church communication strategy so you can use your site as a ministry and marketing tool.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify how your church website can effectively contribute to your communication, outreach, and discipleship efforts
  • Segment your website visitors into three distinct audiences
  • Look at examples of churches using their website to serve each audience
  • Consider how traffic sources affect your website structure
  • Learn to create hub-style landing pages to streamline communication
  • Discuss how COVID has changed the role your website plays in serving your community

This class is also available in shorter segments for ease of use. Click the links below to view each segment:

Workshop Segments

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