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Everybody always blames the sound guy. A mic cuts out in the middle of Pastors message. Blame the sound guy. Keyboard falls off the stand. Blame the sound guy. A singer points their mic at the monitor creating feedback. Blame the sound guy. Deacon Johnson comes in Sunday morning with a decibel meter and yells that the sanctuary is louder than a Boeing 737 airplane… ok that’s probably the sound guy. But you get the picture. When you’re a “sound guy,” you’re going to get blamed for a lot. This course, Blame The Sound Guy, is designed to give you practical skills that you can take with you to your church to prevent common mistakes that inevitably result in someone blaming the sound guy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to properly EQ a microphone (handheld and headset)
  • Properly frequency sweeping (mic and instrument lines)
  • Commutating expectations and managing mishaps

with Jeremiah Adkins

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