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When we look at the root word of Uniqueness we see the preface “uni” which means One. But we don’t operate in the Church as a singular unit… but rather the body of christ. Which means for us to truly live in the freedom that is uniqueness, we need to wholly operate as a team unified to create uniquely. Your team is unique the people around you have unique talents and abilities and as we look at the rest of the 1st corinthians piece of scripture, we’ll see that our uniqueness is best served when our team is WHOLLY unique. So lets stop comparing ourselves to every other church.. stop copying the world and start creating out of the freedom Christ gives our TEAM to create in the context of our community. **Lets not alienate the single man teams too much here. “Holistic Oneness” doesn’t mean a team of many. Thisis the video recording of Blaine Hogan’s keynote from the 2015 SALT Nashville conference on creative arts.

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