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Sit with Lindsay McCaul Mattingly and Nate Sousa of Nashville’s Fellowship Bible Church as they walk through “a week in the life” of a staff worship leader and staff music director’s partnership. They’ll talk through how they work together to plan and execute weekend services, develop and maintain healthy and mutually trusting relationships with their Pastors, build and pour into a thriving and fulfilled volunteer base, and find balance in their weekly routines and weekend preparation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to establish and maintain a healthy partnership between a Worship Leader, Music Director, and Senior Pastor
  • Identify how to build trust with and care for your volunteer base
  • See their process of marrying preparation as a good steward/leader with Spirit led flexibility flushed out on a regular basis
  • Explore how to create schedules and systems that work for you and your team.

with Lindsay Mattingly & Nate Sousa


Workshop Segments

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