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At the heart of any question of right or wrong, of good or bad, of should or shouldn’t is the bigger question of “who said?” When we think about the many questions that surround women working in partnership with men in the business and work of our Savior we must ask, more specifically, “What Did God Say?” The best place to start is the beginning.

Join us as we unpack the original partnership model between man and woman and how Jesus’ ministry and resurrection not only reinstated that partnership releasing women into ministry under the new covenant of his love, and through His blood, but also what that partnership should look like today.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the original roles of Adam (Human) and woman (Sustainer beside him)
  • Learn about the women in the Word that helped to sustain and advance the church
  • Identify false truths and expectations of women in ministry + leadership
  • Learn from modern-day examples of Kingdom partnerships and the impact they are having on the new generation of believers
  • Challenge your own theories of women in ministerial leadership
  • Explore a variety of resources to help navigate and understand the role(s) of women in the Kingdom of God.
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