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When it comes to choosing and selecting media for use in a worship service or behind lyrics on Sunday, it’s not just impulsive, but intentional. In this class, Luke McElroy will go into detail on his 4-part framework that he uses any time he is in the chair of visual architect of a worship environment. As he breaks this down, he gives practical examples to create stunning environments that enhance worship and help people engage further!

Learning Objectives:

* Identify why visuals are so vital to any worship environment as a way to engage your community with the truth and spirit that is taught about in scripture.

* Explore the power of an image, the historical context of creativity in the church, and the biblical proof for why visuals matter in the church.

* Learn the 4-part framework for choosing and selecting powerful visuals to accompany and enhance any worship environment.

* Gain insights into new methods of using creativity and visuals to set the stage for powerful worship moments.

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